15 Top Black Friday Marketing Ideas to Get Record Sales

Companies take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday and we have come up with some marketing ideas.

Whether you’re an online retailer or a brick-and-mortar store, there’s no better way to boost sales than offering deals on products your customers want. With so many options available to generate hype (or even make it more personal), there’s no excuse not to get started!

What is Black Friday and Why Should You Care About It?

Everybody who loves online shopping can enjoy big savings with the online black Friday deals. As the name states, this is where you can get lots of black Friday coupons to save on everything online. Before looking at top battles and deals, let’s discuss what is black Friday in marketing world and how marketers plan it.

This year, Black Friday falls on November 25th. It’s a day when millions of shoppers get some great deals on gifts for the holidays.

Why should you care about Black Friday marketing ideas? Because it’s a great way for you to sell more and increase your customer base!

Why do people get so excited over it?

Most people love the thrill of the hunt. This can be explained by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which states that people have to fulfil their basic needs before they can move on to higher ones. Once you’ve got your food and shelter covered, you feel secure enough to explore other areas of your life.

It also gives shoppers a sense of satisfaction when they get what they want at a discount. It’s like getting paid just for being yourself! It makes them feel smart and savvy like they’re saving money while still getting what they need or want.

black friday marketing ideas
happy black Friday shoppers

Whether online or in person, there’s something about browsing through rows upon rows of things that make us happy. Whether we buy them or not doesn’t matter as long as we’re enjoying ourselves!

Here are some Black Friday marketing ideas for you!

With Black Friday quickly approaching, it’s time to start planning your promotions. If you have black Friday sales and deals, what are they going to be? How are you going to promote them? And will you be getting more customers on this day than usual?

1. Attract attention with a countdown.

A countdown timer is a great way to attract attention and create a sense of urgency. It gives your audience something to look forward to, which can be crucial when trying to drive sales on Black Friday.

Additionally, it shows how many days are left until the sale ends. This can help people decide whether they want to wait or purchase now. You should also include some information about the product or service that will be included in the sale along with its price.

2. Include Black Friday in part of a bigger promotion.

Incorporating Black Friday into a bigger promotion is one way to get more out of your marketing efforts. For example, you could tie your Black Friday sale to an event or occasion that’s meaningful for your brand and audience.

3. Showcase Black Friday deals on your homepage.

  • Make sure your homepage is fully optimized for mobile.
  • Include a prominent call to action, such as “Shop Now,” “Black Friday Deals” or “Check Out Our Black Friday Sale.” It’s important that you include this call to action so that visitors can easily find the deals.
  • Make your homepage easy to navigate. You want users to be able to move around on the page without confusion and stress. This can be done by using clear navigation elements like dropdown menus and breadcrumbs.
  • Include a clear and concise description of the products you are offering in addition to images or videos of them.

4. Fill your physical storefront with ads.

Use your physical location to draw attention to your Black Friday sales. Place signs in the windows of your storefront and make sure they are clearly visible.

Create window displays with Black Friday-related items or themes (for example a digital screen that shows ads or videos).

Ask customers to post photos of your storefront on social media.

black friday marketing ideas

5. Send location-based mobile alerts.

To truly stand out, you need to make sure your customers have the best experience possible. That includes sending them location-based mobile alerts that remind them about deals.

Using geofencing technology, you can send push notifications to customers who enter or exit a certain area with information about Black Friday specials. You can also use push notifications to send exclusive deals directly to the smartphones of people who opt-in for your Black Friday text message list.

6. Design a dedicated landing page for Black Friday deals.

With an eye towards increasing conversion rates and decreasing your bounce rate, it’s important to have a landing page that is easy to navigate, mobile friendly and comes with a countdown clock. This will create a sense of urgency for visitors and encourage them to buy quickly.

Include links on your dedicated landing pages for social media channels and signup forms for newsletters so people can stay up-to-date with your latest deals or subscribe in order to receive more information about upcoming sales.

7. Use social media to bolster sales before, during and after Black Friday.

Social media is your best friend. You can use it to spread the word about your Black Friday deals. You can also keep a watchful eye on what’s going on with your customers online. If they’re having problems with their orders or have questions about a specific product, you’ll be able to help them right away.

There are many ways to get involved in social media for Black Friday marketing purposes:

  • Promote Your Deals Before Black Friday – Use Facebook ads or Google paid search advertising to target people who are interested in shopping this time of year. This will help you reach new customers and increase brand awareness before they even start thinking about buying anything from your store!
  • Have an email newsletter? Add a link directing readers back onto social media where there will be more information about which deals are still available as time goes on during this busy season!
  • Or perhaps create an account specifically dedicated solely towards customer relations (think “Questions?”). This way anyone looking at this page can quickly see answers without having too much trouble finding them themselves.

8. Create exclusive deals for subscribers or high-value customers.

It’s a good idea to create exclusive deals for subscribers or high-value customers. This will give them a reason to come back, and it’ll make it more likely that they’ll tell the people around them about your business.

black friday marketing ideas

9. Launch pre-Black Friday discounts and specials to build excitement.

Launch pre-Black Friday discounts and specials to build excitement.

Starting a couple of weeks beforehand is a smart way to build buzz and get customers excited about what’s coming up. With this, you can prevent the risk of getting buried by all the other Black Friday ads. A good rule of thumb for timing your pre-Black Friday marketing is at least two weeks before Black Friday through Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving). That way you still have some time after Thanksgiving to release your Black Friday ad and make sure it gets noticed among all the other holiday promotions.

Some businesses have even started releasing special deals earlier than ever before—as early as Halloween!

10. Offer free shipping on all Black Friday orders.

Offering free shipping on all Black Friday orders is a great way to get your customers to buy more. But it’s not always the best option for your business. Small businesses may find it challenging to manage the cost and logistics of free shipping.

Free shipping can also be hard to track and manage, which makes it difficult for merchants to find out if they’re making any profit off their products.

11. Send tempting offers to your newsletter subscribers

Send an email blast to your newsletter subscribers and social media followers with an offer they can’t refuse.

Email blasts are the ultimate way to reach your audience. They’re the most direct way to communicate and connect with customers, but only if you’re using them properly.

You need to be sending emails that matter. Ones that build trust, inspire action, and drive sales. If you don’t do this consistently, then why would anyone want to subscribe?

Here’s how you can send an email blast on Black Friday:

  • Include a discount code in the body of your email that expires at midnight on Black Friday night.
  • Make sure there are plenty of images in the body of your email so readers know exactly what they’re getting when they click through.
  • End every sentence with bullet points if possible so readers have easy access points throughout the message (this will also improve scannability).

12. Add urgency to your marketing campaigns by setting deadlines for users to make purchases.

  • Use a countdown timer to let users know how much time is left for them to take advantage of your deal. If you have a certain amount of inventory on sale, this can be an effective way to get people to make a decision quickly before they miss out on their chance at getting the cheaper price.
  • A discount code with a deadline is another way you can add urgency into your campaign. This can be done by adding the discount code in all of your email marketing campaigns and social media posts, but only valid for 24 hours or until sold out.
  • Finally, putting up a countdown clock on your homepage (or any other landing page) will help build excitement around what’s going on in the background while also letting customers know exactly how much time they have left before new products are released!

13. Advertise extra savings for specific demographics such as kids, adults, students or military families.

One of the most important factors in getting more sales is offering specific deals for different demographics. Instead of just providing a blanket discount, you can use demographic data to target your audience and save on ad costs by advertising only to them.

For example, if you’re selling electronics and are targeting high school students, you may want to offer a discount that’s only valid for people under 18 years old.

You could also target specific age groups with different offers. You could segment your audience by gender (women get an extra 10% off), or even occupation (military families receive 20% off) so that potential buyers know exactly what they’re getting if they purchase from Black Friday retailers like yours!

14. Keep your customer support staff ready to respond to complaints in real-time via social media and email.

You should have a plan in place for responding to customer concerns in real-time via social media and email.

This will be essential given the fact that many people are going to be online on Black Friday, shopping and looking for deals.

  • If someone has a complaint or a negative review, you want to make sure that you respond quickly with empathy and understanding. You want them to know that they are being heard by your company, which means they will be more likely to give you another chance if they have similar issues in the future.
  • It’s also important not just to listen but also to share feedback with those who work at your company (i.e., employees). If there are issues with marketing efforts or even internal operations like shipping times, then these issues need to be addressed immediately so that everyone is working towards resolving them as soon as possible instead of ignoring them until it becomes too late!

15. Partner with other companies with complementing products or services

Partner with other companies that target similar audiences, but don’t sell the same products you do. For example., a clothing brand might partner with a shoe store.

Partnering with other companies is a great way to reach new customers and create mutually beneficial relationships. Here are some strategies to consider:

  • Partnering with other companies that sell similar products but not the same ones (i.e., a clothing brand might partner with a shoe store) is an excellent way to leverage each other’s strengths and increase sales for both parties. This can be done through co-branded emails or coupons in exchange for a fee or percentage of profits from joint sales efforts during the holidays.
  • Partnering with companies that target similar audiences but not the same ones will help you reach a wider audience than you would on your own, while still targeting your core audience and offering them something they want—and it doesn’t hurt if those new customers end up buying from you too!

Start your Black Friday Marketing with these Ideas

Black Friday is a great time to get your brand name out there. It’s also important to keep in mind that you’re competing against other businesses. You can’t just throw up some ads and hope they’ll work. You need to put some thought into what kind of marketing strategy will work best for your particular situation. If you do that, we think you’ll see big results!

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