Should Your Business Be on TikTok? Here are the Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions


Does the idea of your business succeeding on TikTok fill you with dread? Maybe. Maybe not. Regardless, there is no denying that TikTok has become a powerful marketing platform in recent years.
The video-sharing app has more than one billion monthly active users and is growing by leaps and bounds.

It’s also where millions of people go to find new products and services, so if your business isn’t already there, why should it be?

We’ve got all the answers to your most pressing questions about TikTok so you can decide if it’s right for your business or not!

Is TikTok right for your business?

The short answer to this question is “yes.” TikTok is a great platform for businesses that want to reach younger audiences and engage with their customers. It’s also a way for them to brand themselves.

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How do you get started?

The first thing you’ll need to do is download the TikTok app. Once you have it installed on your phone, sign up for an account and create a profile by following these steps:

  • Tap Sign Up at the bottom of your screen.
  • Enter your first and last name, email address, birthday (you can change this later), gender, location and password. You should also be sure to tick “Agree to Terms & Privacy Policy” before continuing with the next step!

Now that you have an account created, it’s time to upload videos! To get started writing captions in TikTok Story Mode (which is similar to Instagram stories), simply tap on the camera icon at the bottom left corner of your screen when viewing someone else’s story or start recording a new one yourself by tapping on the same icon again but at a different spot in order not too overlap too much functionality across platforms because then we won’t know where things are going anymore so let’s move forward instead –

What should your business be posting on TikTok?

The best way to know what your business should be posting on TikTok is to take a look at other popular accounts. We’re going to give you some tips and tricks for figuring out what works well, but first, let’s talk about the qualities that make a good video.

  • Have a unique voice: This can be achieved by having an authentic voice or being funny. These two things go hand-in-hand since humour is dependent on authenticity, but don’t just think about humour unless your brand has that natural sparkle! You could also try being relatable, interesting, and informative.
  • Be consistent: Keeping up with this platform means consistently posting new content every day (or at least every week). Consistency is key because it helps build trust with followers who will keep coming back for more if they see something new every time they log on. You’ll also want people to remember your brand when they see it again later down the line.
  • Be relevant: Think about who your target audience is before putting together any videos; not everyone will relate positively if their interests aren’t aligned with yours! Make sure there’s some kind of connection between yourself/company/brand name/etc.

How do you run ads on TikTok?

You can run ads on TikTok. The platform has a full suite of advertising options, including targeted in-feed videos, vertical video ads and mobile app install ads.

Because of the platform’s newness, there is a limited amount of data about the quality and success rate of these ads. However, according to a report from AdStage that surveyed more than 200 brands using TikTok’s ad platform, there are several takeaways:

  • Hashtags help you reach new audiences. When using hashtags as part of an ad campaign, make sure your content matches them so you don’t waste money targeting users who don’t care about what you’re offering. For example, if you sell beauty products for women who want long hair but have short hair themselves, hashtags like #hairgoals or #frizzyhair won’t work as well as #longerlocks because they’re not relevant to what they’re looking for in their content consumption experience.
  • You should try all three types of ad formats available on TikTok: in-feed video ads (which appear between posts), vertical video ads (which appear at the top or bottom) and mobile app install ads (which appear within an app).

What are some best practices for business on TikTok?

Here are some best practices for business on TikTok:

Post regularly.

If you want to be successful on TikTok, you have to post regularly and consistently. You have to give your audience something that they can’t get anywhere else by being authentic and putting out content that’s tailored specifically for them — even if it’s not branded content. If people come back multiple times throughout the week or month, then you’ll start seeing organic growth in followers because it feels like a community rather than just another place where someone can go look at ads.

Use advertising tools.

TikTok has some really good advertising tools available for businesses of all sizes that allow for more than just static image banners; there are engaging full-screen ads with call-to-actions (CTAs) as well as vertical video ads that allow you to really tell your story while also driving actionable results back into your app or website so that people can actually follow up on what they see in their feeds after watching one of these videos!

You can successfully use TikTok to promote your business.

TikTok is a good platform for businesses. There are many reasons why TikTok is a great platform for promoting business, but here are some of them:

  • It’s growing rapidly. As of January 2022, over 1 billion users were on TikTok every month. This means that more people are watching videos on TikTok than ever before, making it a good place to reach potential customers with your brand message.
  • It’s visual-based. Videos are the most popular content type on this app (and they’re also very short), so if you want to capture someone’s attention in a short amount of time or tell them about something quickly and easily without using words, this is the way to do it!
  • It’s mobile-friendly (and therefore accessible). People actually spend an average of 40 minutes per day viewing videos on their phones; as opposed to being in front of TVs or desktop computers all day long like we used to be!

So if you have anything valuable or entertaining enough that people would want to share it via social media then go ahead. Just don’t waste time worrying about whether or not something will work because nothing does unless people see it first.”


If you’re wondering whether TikTok is right for your business, the answer is yes. It can be a great way to connect with your customers and grow your brand. With its massive reach and engagement, TikTok has been able to create a loyal community of users who love posting videos and watching videos from other people just like them.

This means that if you have a product or service that appeals to this audience, there’s an opportunity for you!

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