Nikon D800 Still a good DSLR Camera in 2021?

Nikon D800 is a professional full-frame 36 megapixels camera with good performance records.
Most camera manufacturing companies produce new camera gears with improved capacities, like improved:

  • low light performance,
  • higher megapixels,
  • high ISO performance,
  • 4K video recording capacity,
  • Bluetooth, wifi capacity for mobile sharing
  • and the new wave of the mirrorless camera.

So the question is should i buy Nikon D800 in 2021, or should i continue to use my Nikon D800?
Let’s look at the camera’s functionalities and performance and my practical experience of using this camera for some time now.

Nikon D800 key specifications

  • A full-frame camera
  • 36.3 megapixels
  • It Shoots 4fps (frames per second), 5fps (frames per second) on DX (cropped factor), and 6fps (frames per second) when you attach a battery grip
  • Dual card slots ( CF card and SD card)
  • Shutter speed range between 1/8000 to 30 seconds
  • ISO 100 – 6400 (expanded to 25,600)

Nikon D800 Performance

The Nikon D800 is my second full-frame DSLR camera, and i have been using this camera as my primary photography camera for quite some time now.
I have used this Nikon to cover events like weddings, birthdays, portrait photography, product photography and landscape photography.

The Dynamic Range Performance

I have used this camera in some poor lighting situations where the camera mistakenly overexposed my scene, and i was able to bring back the image to a useable level.
The high megapixels give me the freedom to crop distant images and still retain high resolution. And for retouching, Nikon D800 gives me more pixels to work with but with file size.

Who Should Use Nikon D800 in 2021

Honestly, if you have a lot of money to buy a more recent camera with recent tech features, then you should buy a more recent camera. However, if you

  • want to move from DX body to full-frame (FX), this will be a great move.
  • Are you a portrait photographer, a wedding photographer, a landscape photographer, etc
  • Are you not a new camera freak and you prefer to invest more bucks in your lenses
  • If you are not bothered about the mirrorless wave, then this will be a perfect choice.
  • Want an affordable full-frame camera that performs, this will be good for you

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