Good Noisemakers are Great Sales makers

Making sales requires a great art of noisemaking because good noisemakers are great sales makers. If you wonder how big brands like Coca-Cola, VISA, and Huawei are growing and expanding their businesses across borders for years now. 

They invest heavily in brand awareness and everything that makes the world love their products, and they make a loud noise about their products.

Noise making is a marketing strategy that uses well-planned content strategies and optimized marketing techniques to reach the target market with the following objectives.

  • To increase brand visibility
  • To gain customers’ trust
  • To promote products or services
  • To become an undefeated leader and authority
  • To be loved 
  • To make their brands easy to sell
  • To sell more 

Tips on How to become A great Sales Maker

KYC – Know Your Customers First

  • Before you start making any noise about your brand, build your buyer persona first.
  • Build Your Brand Everywhere Your Customers and Potential Customer Are.
  • Be aggressive about your brand awareness efforts, make good noise on the internet, on social media, do PPC on Google Ads and more importantly, if some of your customers are not so online, use traditional marketing.

Customer service is Key:

If you are not serving your customers well, someone else will. It’s just a matter of time before they stop being your customers.

The best marketing strategy is excellent customer service. Treat your customers with respect, be professional, empathize, listen to resolve issues and serve your customers well.

 Why? Because a delighted customer is a potential advocate who will give positive reviews about your brand, and sell your product on your behalf for free. An Irate customer, on the other hand, has a higher potential of destroying your brand image.

Use Influential marketing: 

  • Imagine 50 microbloggers talking about your brand per day, and some social media influencers mention your brand name and talk about your products or service.
  • A lot of companies invest in brand ambassadorship to gain grain trust and be loved.

Create Right Impression.

Great sales makers create the right impression. The impression you create determines what people perceive about you and how they see you.

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