Coding for Kids. 10 reasons why should enrol your child

Coding for kids is one of the most fun and fulfilling hobbies your child can get into at a young age. It’s not about the new oil philosophy. I know information technology is rewarding but what is more important here is coding will do great good to your child’s mental strength and brace them up for the future ahead.

In this article, I will be sharing with you ten (10) reasons why you should enrol your kids to coding classes.

10 reasons why you should enrol your child to coding for kids classes

Coding for Kids. 10 reasons why should enrol your child

#1. Your Child Acquires New Skill

Coding for kids helps your child acquire new skills. When your child starts early, it gives the child ample time to learn the rudiments while having fun. Coding helps your child become knowledgeable on information technology, the internet of things, writing programmes using applications like scratch, python, ruby on rails, c++, PHP, among others.

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#2. Coding helps your child’s creative thinking

Coding and creativity go hand in hand. Kids with coding skills become more creative by building solutions that solve specific problems. Coding skills give kids the freedom and empowerment to convert their dreams to reality.

#3. Coding is Fun

When I started teaching some kids coding, I realised that majority of the kids I teach wanted us to have weekly classes, and one of them had built over 50 games in the space of four weeks. 

Creation is fun. The joy you have when you build something. And it works the way you expect gives you the drive to want to do more. And the best way to learn is to have fun while learning.

#4. Coding helps children with academic performance

Coding helps children increase mental activities, which help them learn patterns, numbers, calculations e.t.c. Kids with coding skills will likely perform better in school activities. 

#5. Improved Problem Solving Skills

Coding is all about writing specific codes to solve specific problems. Children with coding skills will learn how to solve human-related problems using coding and other tools available to the human. 

Coding will help improve your child’s problem-solving skills and other skills like critical thinking, product design, project management skills.

Coding for Kids. 10 reasons why should enrol your child

#6. Self Discovery

The good thing about coding is, it can improve all kinds of processes. Coding exposes your child to many industries, the health industry, financial industry, among others. And this helps a child to discover what the child loves to do. 

Learning to code does not limit your child to becoming a programmer or IT expert. Children can also discover what they love to do while learning how to code.

#7. Coding help kids achieve their dreams

Children get empowered to convert their dreams and ideas to reality. Your child can build game applications with codes that enable robots to perform basic tasks.

Coding is a good skill for children. They become creators. That gives them first-hand knowledge that everything is possible, and with the coding skills, they become aware that they can achieve anything at any age.

#8. Coding keeps your child busy doing the right thing

Virtually all kids are busy. Coding keeps your child engaged and empowered. Instead of spending hours watching cartoons, playing video games, spending unproductive hours on social media, your child is busy doing the right thing(learning).

#9. Child’s career path

There is a high probability that your child will become a programmer or pick a career in the information and communication technology field if your child finds out he enjoys coding.

Coding can help your child discover his career path at the early stage of life, which is good.

#10. Coding is a global language

Coding is universal. It’s one of the skills that help countries and the world become more efficient and effective. It is becoming crucial for everyone to have digital skills because our world is changing, and it’s changing very fast. 

Our Conclusion

Yes, coding is an essential skill for children. Enrol and empower your child. Coding can be very addictive, so please help your child balance fun, learning and work as they learn to code.

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