6 Honest Reasons Why You Are not making Sales. No 6 Will Shock You

Every business established to solve a particular problem or serve a purpose needs customers to survive.

Aside from poor management, another common reason why businesses fail is that they don’t make enough sales to remain in business.

I will briefly explain the reasons why you may not be making enough sales and the simple way out.

1. Wrong targeting:

The first step to selling is finding a good number of the right customers. Most businesses target wrongly and hence don’t make enough sales because they are not qualified prospects in the first place.

2. Aggressive sales strategy.

Most aggressive salespersons are more focused on making one sale. This quickly turns prospects off because they know you are not a service-oriented person.

Customers want someone who can be there for them after sales.

3. Lack of trust.

No customer buys without trust. A lot of prospects won’t patronize you because they don’t trust you.

Lack of trust could be in the form of doubt that you cannot deliver, or they think your portfolio mix does not represent your ability.

4. You don’t understand the art of selling.

The art of selling seeks to understand your target audience, their pain points, financial ability to pay and sell solutions or products that meet their needs.

To become a better salesperson, you need to become a better service person that knows when to ask what and how to approach prospects without fear of rejection.

5. Not knocking on enough doors

The philosophy of marketing suggests that you prospect for more qualified potential customers to win some of them.

If your target customer size is 20 clients, you may achieve this target if you talk to at least 200 prospects. Knock more doors, and don’t be afraid of getting a “NO” for an answer. Keep knocking. Soon some doors will open.

6. Potential customers don’t know you exist

You don’t blame customers for not buying from you because they don’t know you exist. A lot of business owners assume and expect people to know about their business or the service they render.

Quick Way Out of Not Making Sales

  • Create a buyer persona to define the right target audience for your business.
  • Focus on Quality customer experience, and build relationships to improve customer loyalty.
  • Trust is earned, You can build customers’ trust when you deliver on the promise you made. Ensure your portfolio is a reflection of your real potential.
  • Selling is an art, read books, attend conferences and improve your selling skills.
  • Build a suspect list, extract a prospect list from your suspect list and start promoting your expertise and service/product to your prospects.
  • Visibility is crucial. Good noisemakers are great sales Makers. Be visible by promoting your brand on all your touchpoints.

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