3 Types of Relationships Your Customers Expect

The customer is KING. No business thrives without customer patronage, so you need to build the right relationship with your customers to retain them. 

Beyond selling a product or rendering a service, customers expect the following kinds of relationships from companies.

The Expert relationship.

Customers prefer to buy valuable products or services from an expert because they want to ensure they get value for their money.

You can build this relationship using the following approaches:

  • Set up an informative or educational blog where people can learn about the subject matter
  • Set up professional contact channels where customers can talk directly to your experts
  • Feature as a guest on programs or events around your expertise.
  • Render free advisory services.

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The Caring or Friendship Relationship

One thing I learned while working as a salesperson with a financial service company was the importance of exceptional relationship management in making sales.

People will love you more if you are approachable, and friendly and listen to them when they talk to you. Customers want you to listen to them. They want after-sales service. When you build a positive and friendly relationship with your customers, you are likely going to move them from being usual customers to loyal customers with repeated sales

Build the right relationship system with your customers for effective communication and relationship management.

How to build caring relationships

  • Set up a newsletter for weekly service or products update, tricks and co
  • Setup a forum where customers can discuss issues and get solutions or supports
  • Build one on one relationships with your customers
  • Always listen when they talk to you and be willing to help always.
  • It’s about exceptional customer service and great customer experience.

Having the same goal as the customer

Customers want to believe that your goal is to help them and not to take their money. Companies that empathize with customers win more customers than companies without empathy.

Organizing seminars, sponsoring events, and product demonstrations help customers believe that you have the same goal as they do.

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